“Focus, now”, Brand new ancients are the boys on the street, the only man behind the tarnished window, the woman walking thinking about the courage it takes to move forward: they are the gods, we are, told by Kate Tempest. A small but so big book, with difficulty the poem that makes us melt for the impetus of its truth. Let’s take a step back, do you want? You look at her Kate Tempest and she has a reassuring smile, jovial, thirty-four years old, yet the fire passes from her soul to the paper to us. Poet recognized by those who give it to you the title, but it is much more, a contemporary voice, combining and mixing and contaminating with rap, storytelling. Brand new ancients, published by editions e/o with the english text opposite, and you need to trust that you will go to it, it is written to be read aloud with a musical accompaniment. The impetus of the evoked world inside is a furious and impatient mass pushing on a single door. He has that strength there. Kate Tempest tells a modern story to show us how the classical myth is present more than ever in daily gestures, in the routing of our actions, in sacrifice, courage, cowardice.

The gods are in the betting agencies

the gods are at the bar

the gods smoke in the back

the gods are in office buildings

the gods are in raves

to dance after two tablets

There are two couples with their families, intertwined with lies, betrayals, silences. And from fate. It is a painful growing page after page, but in those verses we exist.

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