Red and black cover for Chilling adventures of Sabrina. Season of the Witch, novel by Sarah Rees Brennan. The story published by Dea Planeta is nothing more than the prequel of the events narrated in the Netflix TV series. The reason that pushed me to buy it was exactly this: after spending some wonderful evenings in the company of Sabrina, when I saw the book I couldn’t resist. I tell you something of the story. Sabrina Spellman is an almost sixteen year old girl who lives in Greendale with her aunts and cousin Ambrose. Sabrina’s family is not a normal family, they are in fact witches and the girl on the day of her sixteenth birthday will have to embrace the way of the dark lord, leaving her teenage life in high school, between friends and love. The events from here on are narrated in the TV series, which impressed me a lot because it is very dark, both for the settings, for the dialogues, and for the characterization of the characters. Aunts Hilda and Zelda, the cousin Ambrose confined to the house for centuries because punished, the series is truly a well-made product, and we are looking forward to the new season. Alas, the book is certainly not up to par. In short, it loses a lot compared to the television production. The characters are the same, the narrative scaffolding too, and yet on page 50 it has already damned bored you. Sin.

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