Magic, love, betrayal, intrigue, urban fantasy action in The Secret Circle Series by Lisa Jane Smith, a vintage review in a gray and rainy weekend. I say vintage because the books first came out in 1992, an urban fantasy classic. I own the edition of the Newton paperbacks which brings together Initiation, The prisoner, The escape and the power. A bargain, at 9 euros and 90. Cassie is a sixteen year old who moves to New Salem. In the new school, in addition to disagreeable adolescents at the limits of the unbearable, he finds Adam who he had met shortly before moving. He thought he would never see him again and instead the boy lives in New Salem and is with Diana his cousin who will become his best friend. The school is in the hands of a small circle of students, who decide everything.

Bullies? No, witches and wizards and a secret circle

Cassie discovers a world of spells, filters of love, evocations, white magic is the hidden power of the circle that uses the Book of Shadows to practice spells. For the rest they are normal boys, so to speak, but they fall in love, feel jealousy, betray.

Cassie’s cousin is the head of the coven, which is called a circle. Diana powerful and beautiful directs the group and is envied and loved. Faye, who likes to torture Cassie, who also entered the circle, however, aims to take Cassie’s place. So he implements cruel plans, blackmails Cassie who in the meantime feels something for the charming cousin’s boyfriend. Then there will be external enemies, mysteries, witch hunters who come to the city. Witch diaries is a fantasy classic dedicated to magic. Lisa Jane Smith is the author of the Vampire Diary. Does it tell you anything? Guys, this is The Vampire Daries, the book from which the love triangle series was drawn with the two super brothers Salvatore. In that case the series was really more beautiful than the books, in this no. Already because they tried to transpose the novels into The secret circle. Canceled after a series. I saw it, in fact it is very bad. But the reading flows.

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