Final of The Big Bang Theory after twelve years: an iconic TV series, entered into the homes of millions of fans, with the witty irony of a story capable of clearing the life of a group of nerds and making them become a symbol. Twelve incredible years with scientists and their quirks, The Big Bang Theory made us laugh, dream and I don’t want to hide, cry, especially in this series final which is a curtain on a phase of our life and from which we may have difficulty to break away.

Attention contains spoilers on the last episode of the TV series

Light and pungent, The Bing Bang Theory is now at the end the best sitcom of the last decade. We grew up with them, in a journey that seemed real and real to us. Leonard and his love for Penny, in his indefatigable ability to implore (as he jokingly reveals in more episodes) has undergone as many changes as those of the female lead. The character of Penny, is the one that most of all (together with Sheldon) showed us the transformation of growth induced by the context of friends, by the relationship with Leonard, by the opportunities offered by friends.

Attention spoiler on the final of The Big Bang Theory

We find them in this final, now husband and wife after the famous Las Vegas getaway and a ceremony replicated for friends and relatives, to experience their own parallel jump to that of Sheldon and Amy. Penny, from a failed actress to a successful pharmaceutical representative, discovers that she is expecting a child, despite the reluctance shown on the subject in the episodes, she takes the news well. It’s their ending. The protagonists of the last season are Sheldon Cooper and his wife Amy who win the Nobel Prize for physics in the final. The trip to Stockholm with friends for the awards ceremony becomes the theater to greet the group of friends who, shortly before the ceremony, unleashes himself with Sheldon for his (well-known) selfishness.

Howard, Bernadette, Raj, Penny, Leonard are still sitting in their place when the two friends receive the prize. From that stage, Sheldon gives them a wonderful speech, recognizing them as “family” and closing the circle of twelve years of history. Sheldon’s difficulty in accepting changes, Amy’s transformation that finally abandons her grandmother’s clothes and cuts her fashionable hair, Penny’s pregnancy, everything is nothing compared to a single emblematic image: the elevator has been fixed .

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