Power, resentment and secrets in the novel The Elizabeth Day party. An English book to the core, which already on the black and white cover with the polished shoes and the rhinestones of the sandals, leads us into the patinated but thriller-colored world of Martin and Ben. The novel is divided into different temporal reading levels, and through the voices and point of view of the protagonists. Martin and Ben met in Burtonbury, a former men’s boarding school for the children of diplomats. Martin, who is the true protagonist of the novel, arrives there with the anonymous sweater, the unkempt attitude and the sadness of his young son’s life as a widowed mother. An existence destined to change thanks to his meeting with Ben, beautiful, rich, admired by all who somehow becomes his obsession. Martin wants to enter his life, and he will succeed, so much so that he has become his little shadow over the years. A long time later, when they are now married, Ben higher and higher on the social ladder, he invites Martin and his wife Lucy for his birthday, a big party in a fairytale place. With the events of that evening and flashbacks to the past, we discover the dark and obsessive side of human relationships. The party is a novel from an incredible point of view. She manages not to empathize with any of the characters. In each of them there is something petty or open-minded, it makes itself read.

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