There is only one reason why I finished watching the TV series Shadowhunters, The mortal instruments and it is the same that leads me to having to finish a book even if I can’t stand it. I can’t let things in half, I’m a bit Sheldon Cooper in this. So, the saga of Cassandra Clare‘s books from which the series is drawn, I read them all, including the last one on Magnus and Alec. I love urban fantasy, Clare novels have become a cult for fans. I’m not at these levels, because I liked some of them less than others, but I don’t deny that as soon as I entered the magical world of Netflix, I hit Shadowhunters. Adaptations are always a risk, they often fail: here we are facing a disaster, a fall without mercy. Let’s start with the story? Ok.

The protagonist is Clary, a girl who thinks she is normal, like the others, lives in New York with her mother, friends, including Simon, and loves art. The world that Clary knows is shattered when she discovers she is a shadowhunter, a nephilim, a demon hunter. So consequently he learns that there are beings of which we read in books. The hidden: not just demons, but vampires, witches, werewolves. She comes into contact with her true nature thanks to the encounter with Jace who will then take her to the academy of shadowhunters, fall in love and meanwhile there are some crude. The plot built by Cassandra Clare in the books is complex, rich. The TV series is a total failure. Let’s see briefly why.

Meanwhile he is not faithful to the books, he is full of inconsistencies. For heaven’s sake, you can also challenge the fate and the anger of the fans, but to dare you must know how to do it and this is not the case. The characters are without psychology, the love contrasted between Clary and Jace becomes silly and flat, like their very characterization. The plot is trivialized and the acting is really inexplicably so lacking in tone that you ask, why? In short, rejected.


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