Summer reading 2019! The heat is there, the unpredictable season too, the desire for holidays more than ever, so here are the books to read summer 2019. Let’s understand each other, these are reading tips and reports of new novels released without any pretense of creating an exhaustive list . Indeed, let’s say it’s the first episode. July proceeds at a brisk pace and many are preparing to leave, sea, mountain, or vacation in the city, it doesn’t matter: a good book is indispensable. In the books to read for the summer 2019 there are titles that I recommend because I read and others very recent that promise well. As for literary genres, as always advice for all tastes! Let’s see together.

Ready for the journey into emotions?

Normal people – Sally Rooney

A novel to read in the summer is certainly the second book by Sally Rooney, an Irish writer, who became the literary voice of millenials. Rooney made herself known to the public last year with the debut Conversations with friends, a journey into betrayal, into our society. Come back with the new book even more forcefully to tell us about the love between two young, in a world of incommunicability and social differences. Deep and pungent, it reads very well. And then the emotions remain.

M. Il figlio del secolo – Antonio Scurati

It is the book with which Scurati won the Strega Prize 2019. It is not an umbrella reading, it is true, but perhaps summer is the only time of the year that gives us more time to face the tome on the birth of fascism told by Mussolini’s eyes and mind. A novel in which everything is true.

I Goldbaum – Natasha Solomons

Among the books summer 2019 must not miss this perfect novel for those who love stories about families, the settings of the early twentieth century and the great loves. Careful historical research to tell the story of the most powerful Jewish banker family in Europe and Greta Goldbaum, a rebel and determined forced to marry a Goldbaum of the English branch. Wonderful story, a book that you never leave.

I leoni di Sicilia – Stefania Auci

This is also a family saga but we are in Sicily. From the moment they land in Palermo from Bagnara Calabra, in 1799, the Florio family look ahead, restless and ambitious, determined to get higher than everyone. To be the richest, the most powerful. And they succeed. A book that has been talked about a lot.

The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle – Stuart Turton

Summer reading 2019! The criticism has split up, bloggers even more, if you haven’t read it, get it back in the summer. An original and unique book of its kind. Blackheath House is a majestic country house surrounded by thousands of acres of forest, a huge estate that, in its stucco halls crumbled by time, is ready to welcome guests to the masquerade ball announced by Lord Peter and Lady Helena Hardcastle.

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