Bryce is not a protagonist like the others, in Crescent City she lives a life of crazy nights between dances and drugs, during the day she works in an art gallery of a sorceress. Of course, Crescent City is not just any place, place of the first book of the new saga by writer Sara J. Maas, a city divided into magical houses, where you will find every fantasy being that you can think of of those who usually populate urban fantasy. I had never read anything about this writer, who launches herself after a consolidated success in children’s fantasy with new adult. The house of earth and blood, Crescent City, published by Mondadori, is a big book, in the sense of the consistency of the volume in pages. An unusual choice for urban fantasy and which perhaps weighs a little at first.
So Bryce is half human and half Fae, she lives with her best friend Danika, a little guy with his excesses, the alpha of a pack of wolves. A massacre disrupts Crescent City and Bryce’s life. He puts the crazy life behind him and faces a new future, full of pitfalls. The narrative time goes on for two years, in the city there are a series of murders and Hunt Athalar, fallen angel, personal assassin of the archangel governor, enters the scene. The story is intertwined between power and love, secondary characters of great charm (such as Bryce’s half-brother).
The novel’s initial impact can be frightening. In the first hundred pages, the author introduces us to a very complex world building. We who love fantasy do not let ourselves be scared, but the complicated articulation of the world created by Sara J. Maas can win at the expense of fluidity and empathy. But at some point, we’re inside. It is the magic of fantasy, well written of course, to take us to that universe, with all that that entails.

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