A young woman who grew up according to the expectations of others, in a road of certainties that reveal themselves to be lies: review of the novel More than words by Jill Santopolo published by Editrice Nord. One of the books read in December by a writer who I admit I have not known before but which I discovered later to have won the hearts of many readers with her first work, The day we wait, an editorial case sold in 30 countries before its publication. I tell you my expectations okay? The cover I liked very much and the claim, “happiness comes when you find the courage to be sincere, at least with yourself”. Two ingredients that pushed me to imagine an all-female story, and how to say it, light. I was impressed with Jill Santopolo’s style. Because More than words is a novel written with the fluid, hinted, sinuous and engaging pen of certain romance, but with a different depth. A bit like looking at a glass of blueberry juice, tasting it and finding yourself enjoying a cosmopolitan. The novel never loses pace, but it is certainly intimate focusing on the change of Nina. Let’s talk about her.

A young woman, the daughter of a very wealthy hotel owner. Raised without a mother, who lost as a child, and in the awareness of having to take over her father sooner or later in the management of the family empire, Nina, however, obtains for herself a space to devote to her passion for writing. In fact, she becomes the speech writer of Rafael, candidate for mayor. Meanwhile, Nina has to deal with her father’s illness and death with everything she brings, in addition to questions about her relationship with Tim, the son of family friends who became her boyfriend. Nina’s journey, the expectations of others and the lies that come to the surface, are the engine of this novel. A female story? A good story and that’s it.

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