There is the mega party in Venice, to scream: the most beautiful part of the book Shadowhunters The red scrolls of magic of the legendary Cassandra Clare. We love it. We love it. She is our heroine, our Shonda of fantasy novels but less cruel (thankfully). From the beginning? All right. It was the last book read in July, finished just the night before the plane to Bergen. Shadowhunters is one of the luckiest sagas in the urban fantasy universe that blends supernatural creatures into our world. Action, magic, demons, and love. Ingredients that made the series a cult. Here we are at the beginning of a new chapter. There was the super war that put shadowhunters on the same side, half men and half angels who are demon hunters, with the hidden. Vampires, sorcerers, werewolves and so on. They clashed with a horde of demons and there were so many victims. During the war, our protagonists get closer. In fact, the scarlet hand has the story of Alec Lightwood and the Brooklyn high witch Magnus Bane at the center of the story. Two wonderful characters. A homosexual love that will make us dream.

At the beginning of the book we discover Alec and Magnus in Paris for a romantic journey (at least it should) destined to become something else. When they are in the French capital they learn of the spread of a demonic cult. The red scrolls of magic in fact, and Magnus is blamed for having created it. Thus begins the real journey among European cities to exonerate the sorcerer. A love contrasted between a shadowhunter and a sorcerer, but they are willing to do anything not to get lost. Nice, in the first few pages I have to reveal a tiredness that was leading me to give up. Then there is the party in Venice and the book takes off. To read.

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