After four years Cat is a ruthless agent of a vampire-hunting government organization: it’s the second volume of the Jeaniene Frost saga, One Foot in the Grave. Novel of 2011, read in ebook version in August during the trip, an increasingly enjoyable discovery for a passionate like me of urban fantasy new adult, romance. Cat half woman and half vampire grew in hatred of bloodsuckers, because her mother (one of the most anticipated characters that existed) told her that she had been raped, and that Cat is the result of that horrible gesture.

We met her in the first novel, a girl who could set a vampire’s trap and kill him the same evening. So he met Bones, a powerful vampire, who first kidnapped her then became his mentor and finally his lover. Feelings, passion (very hot) but also intrigues break out, so much so that Cat has to leave him to save the life of her sexy vampire. And let’s take the thread back from here. They haven’t seen each other since that day, yet after four years they are still in love. In a crescendo of action and plots, in One foot in the grave Cat and Bones get together and this time they are intent on not letting go. Everything happens, but I must say that the second book of the saga at the level of writing exceeds and much the first. There is a drastic drop in colorful words (to put it mildly) and I liked it. Pleasant, light, warm.

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